Welcome to College of the Canyon's Body Mind Wellness initiative!
Our vision is to promote a better life by increasing awareness of the many wellness-related events, groups, and resources available to students, faculty/staff, and community members at our beautiful college.
If you are interested in contributing to this initiative and/or already have wellness-related events happening at College of the Canyons to add to this site, please contact Sheri.Barke@canyons.edu.
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Highlighted Events:
There are always tons of events, opportunities and training organized by BMW (Body, Mind and Wellness). Here are a few of our bigger events coming up. For more information feel free to visit the different categories above.
Men, Women, Sex, & Violence with Dr. Jackson Katz, America’s leading anti-sexist male activist.
Tuesday, March 31st: 4 - 6pm in the PAC
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Contact information for Health Center Website Assistant: Natalie.Miller@canyons.edu