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Who We Are and What We Do                                                   

earth.pngMission and Goals

The mission of SCEEC is to proactively provide educational resources to promote environmental literacy in Santa Clarita valley. It aims to establish environmental resources for educators and students; create and provide exemplary supplementary curriculum; as well as contribute to the revitalization of K-14 students’ love for environmental science.


leaf.pngBackground of SCEEC

Recognizing the emerging needs to further environmental literacy for our next generation of students and the impact of budget cut at all levels of education, a group of Santa Clarita residents saw the need to establish an environmental education consortium in Santa Clarita Valley, in order to increase awareness of the merits of environmental literacy. Our target service population is K-14 educators and students in our valley.


yinyang.pngPurpose of the Consortium

SCEEC hopes to serve the teachers and learners of environmental education in the following capacities:
  • Provide free workshops and speakers for teachers, students, school administrators, and community members
  • Establish Resource Library for teachers and students
  • Fund environmental field trips
  • Host Annual Environmental Leadership Conference and Environmental Science Fair
  • Conduct essay contests to encourage students to be critical and creative thinkers
  • Provide free EE curriculum and supplementary environmental programs
  • Fund educator and student environmental education related efforts


lamp1.pngThe Rationale for SCEEC
The funding and support SCEEC provides will directly impact students and educators in the Valley, and, inevitably, will positively influence the lifestyle of the community in the direction of a more sustainable living. The involvement of informed students on environmental issues and topics will influence the mindset of the community and policy makers, as well as support the school curriculum and standards.


lifesaver.pngWho Should Be Involved

Our central mission lies in linking teachers with high quality environmental education resources. However, as environmental literacy ultimately influences our mindset and lifestyle as a community, people who care and feel passionate about environmental health and well-being of our community are invited to get involved with the consortium. Furthermore, as the purpose of the consortium is to support environmental education with free programs, workshops, activities, and scholarships, the function of the consortium relies heavily on local sponsors that appreciate or share a similar vision with the consortium to make SCEEC’s mission possible. SCEEC invites the following entities to get involved:
  • Educators
  • K-14 Board members
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Water and energy-related entities
  • Governmental agencies
  • Local businesses
  • Corporate entities, and
  • News media

Board Members

Frequently Asked Questions