Q.  Is there a waitlist?
A.  Yes, we accept applications throughout the year and fill openings as they become available.
Q.   Where do I find an application to apply for the waitlist?
A.  A waitlist application can be found either online or at the Children’s Center at the Valencia COC campus.  The online application cannot be submitted online, but may be walked in, mailed, or faxed.

Q.  Do I need to reapply for the waitlist every year?
A.  Unless you have indicated that you would like to be removed, you will remain on the waitlist, and do not need to fill out another application.
Q.  How will I notified if I received an opening in the program?
A.  If there is availability in the program, you will receive a call from the Enrollment Technician.  There will not be openings offered through email or regular mail correspondence.

Q.  How do I apply for the State funded waitlist?
A.  You will need to pick up a funding packet at the Valencia Children’s Center and return your completed packet to the front office. Your child will be placed in priority order on the waitlist. Your paperwork cannot be processed unless the packet is complete. We accept applications throughout the year, and fill openings as they become available.
Q.  Can I find the State funding packet online?
A.  No, the funding packet is not available online.  You will need to pick up the packet at the Valencia Children’s Center.
Q.  How will I be notified if my child is accepted in your State funded program?
A.  You will receive a phone call from our Enrollment Technician if your child is offered an opening in our state funded program.
Q.  Are there Center tours?
A.  Yes, each month a group tour is scheduled for families to take a look inside our program.  
Please call the front desk at (661) 362-3501 to schedule your tour.