English 089 provides an introduction to essential college skills including source-based composition, critical reading of fiction and non-fiction, and success strategies.
The Student Learning Outcomes for English 089 are:
  • Compose well-organized, short essays using documented outside sources and personal observations to develop a unified thesis.
  • Recognize main ideas, formulate inferences, and make connections among texts and ideas that lead to thoughtful, analytical, and expository writing.
To achieve the above stated goals, the Course Objectives for English 089 are as follow:
  • Apply active reading strategies to text readings.
  • Connect ideas in a text to other texts, ideas, and events.
  • Analyze elements of fiction.
  • Analyze elements of non-fiction.
  • Engage in the per-writing and writing process.
  • Utilize source material to support the thesis of a short academic essay.
  • Document sources using MLA style.
  • Compose short essays with relevant and logical main points in support of a focused thesis statement.
  • Employ basic conventions of English grammar and punctuation.