Literature Courses

The English department offers many literature courses each semester that allow students to:
  • Analyze a variety of literary genres in their social context 
  • Evaluate the artistic contributions made by poets, writers, and dramatists, in the English and American literary traditions by analyzing the stylistic, formal, and thematic elements in their works 
  • Compare and contrast the literary works of one historical period with those from other periods 
These courses fulfill the Humanities and Fine Arts requirement for graduation and are transferable to CSU and UC.
Courses offered include:
​Literature and Film ​Children’s Literature ​British Literature I
​British Literature II ​American Literature I ​American Literature II
​American Multicultural Literature ​Introduction to Poetry ​Study of Fiction
​Introduction to Drama ​Introduction to African American Literature ​Mythology
​The Bible as Literature ​World Literature I ​World Literature II
​Shakespeare ​Women’s Literature Introduction to Science Fiction
​​Jewish American Literature

For a full description of each course, please see the college catalog.

Not all courses are offered each semester – for a listing of which courses will be offered each term, check the class schedule.


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