Animation Production Associate in Arts


The Animation Program will prepare students for an entry-level position in the animation industry with emphasis in either computer or hand-drawn methods. The Associate Degrees are also designed to transfer to four-year colleges or universities. At the conclusion of their studies, all students will be prepared for entry-level positions in a number of fields (for example: video game design, television and motion picture production) requiring them to create animation, by either computer or hand-drawn methods, or a combination of the two. We offer classes in traditional drawn animation, character design, layout, storyboarding, 2-D computer animation, and 3-D computer animation.


Student Learning Outcome:


Create portfolio-ready art work demonstrating their mastery of the fundamentals of concept art and two dimensional animation. Critique animation projects using industry standards


​Program Requirements:​ ​

MEA 100
Mass Media and Society
MEA 101​
elevision and Film Media AestheticsTelevision and Film Media Aesthetics​
MEA 102​ History of Animation​ 3-0​
MEA 106​ Introduction to Animation​ 3-0​
MEA 109​ Story Development and Storyboarding​ 3-0​
MEA 118​ Interactive 2D Animation​ 3-0​
MEA 265​ Animation Production​ 3-0​
CAWT 074​ Introduction to Photoshop​ 1.5-0​
ART 124A​ Drawing I​ 3-0​
ART 124B​ Drawing II​ 3-0​
ART 224A​ Drawing III - Life Drawing​ 3-0​
​​Plus a minimum of six units from the following:​
​MEA 232 Character and Prop Design for Animation​ 3-0​
​MEA 233 Advanced 2D Digital Animation​ 3-0​
​MEA 261 Advanced Animation​​ 3-0​
​​Plus a minimum of two units from the following:​
MEA 295​ Professional Practices/Portfolio​ 2-0​
CWE 188​ Cooperative Work Experience Education​​ 1 - 16 ​
​​​Recommended electives:​
THEATR 140​ Acting Fundamentals​ 3-0​
​TOTAL​ UNITS​ 29.5​



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