Metal Fabrication Certification

In addition to providing cutting edge curriculum in welding, COC provides opportunities for individuals to earn industry recognized credentials in metal fabrication.



The FMA assessment-based Fundamentals of Metal Fabrication Certificate program has been developed for students enrolled in precision sheet metal (PSM) fabrication programs offered through community colleges and technical schools. The program was created by educators and instructors in response to increasing requests from the business community for a third-party assessment of students completing a one- to two-year course of study in metal fabrication. Upon completion of a school’s program, students can take the certificate exam to validate the skills they learned through classroom and hands-on instruction.

College of the Canyons is in the process of incorporating the Fundamentals Metal Fabrication Certificate into its Metal Fabrication course of study.

If interested, please contact Tim Baber at or (661)362-3062.

Fabricator Manufacturer’s Association (FMA)
Sheet Metal Fundamentals Certificate
Certified Education Center Network (FMA)