​About the Program
The AMPT project has a primary focus on Program Development and Improvement and Curriculum and Education Material Development. In addition, AMPT addresses Teacher Preparation by working with junior high and high school teachers on integrating contextualized mathematics modules to improve college-readiness of students.
Achievement of the project objectives include implementing the following methods and activities: strong industry partnerships; new and upgraded curriculum for three AS degrees and certicates; curriculum development/ adaptation for the Fast Track training format; curriculum development for customized incumbent worker training; upgraded laboratory facilities supporting all three programs; improving the K-12 STEM pipeline; work-based learning and industry internships; outreach and recruitment; student assessment and support; faculty and
teacher training; and evaluation.
The AMPT project is based on the needs of manufacturing employers for high skill workers able to install, operate, and maintain advanced and automated equipment essential for U.S. industry to remain competitive and grow after a long period of decline. The project will enable exibility for: students to access the training that will lead to regional jobs; and for employers who can customize training to quickly and eciently meet their specic needs. COC’s ATE AMPT project will implement a model for building a K-12 STEM pipeline and will emphasize increasing STEM enrollments by underrepresented populations by improving college-readiness.

Automated Manufacturing, Electromechanical Systems
& Welding Training Specializing in:
  • Industry/Education Partnerships
  • Curriculum Development
  • K-12 Pipeline
  • Outreach & Enrollment
  • Student Support
  • Internships & Work-based Learning



For more information download the full grant prosal PDF. |NSF ATE Narrative Automated Manufacturing.pdf