Frequently Asked Questions about FYE
Can I miss the orientation in July and still be part of FYE?
Answer: No—you must attend one of the FYE Orientation dates in July in order to participate in FYE. The Orientation is critical in helping you start off your college career on the right foot. You will also register for fall classes on your orientation date.

What is the deadline to complete the COC Application and COC Online Orientation?

Answer: The COC application and online orientation is available after April 1, and should be completed before you apply for FYE. The COC application must be complete prior to taking the English and math assessment, which is due prior to submitting the FYE application on June 16.

What if I place into transfer-level English or math—am I eligible for the FYE program?

Answer: No—you must place below transfer-level in BOTH English and math.

Why is FYE only available to students who are placed below 100-level in English and Math?

Answer: The FYE program was created to increase the persistence, retention, and success of first-time students at College of the Canyons. Research shows that our target audience—students that assess below transfer-level in English and math—are more likely to drop out of college than students that are “college ready.”  By design, FYE provides support to this student population during the crucial transition from high school to college. Our program is also funded by a grant from the Basic Skills Initiative of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

If I don’t get into FYE, are there other programs at COC that will assist me?

Answer: Absolutely. Please refer to the COC new student website for information on programs and services available to our students.

If I don’t get into FYE, will I still be able to get classes for fall 2014?

Answer: We will be offering more class sections this fall than we have in the past several years. Our experience this year is that new students were able to register for a full schedule, if they were willing to be flexible in their class choices and location. Some classes are in high demand and always fill quickly. Meeting with a Canyons’ Peer Advisor, completing the online advisor and attending a New Student Orientation held by the Counseling department are good ways for you to build your educational plan and schedule.

Am I able to take summer classes at COC and still be eligible for the FYE Program?

Answer: Yes. We will have a large offering of classes this summer session and encourage all our incoming students to begin their study prior to the fall semester. There are a few guidelines FYE students must be aware of:
·         FYE students should not register for any courses in their selected pathway for Fall (see the FYE website for a listing of these classes)
·         FYE students taking summer classes must make sure that their class meeting time does not conflict with their FYE Orientation date and time.

Am I eligible for FYE if I have already taken classes at COC while in high school?

Answer: Yes. Hart District students who have taken courses at COC prior to graduating this year are eligible for the FYE program, as long as these courses are not required for the FYE program.
Why does the FYE program give priority to Hart District students?
Answer: As a community college, it is important that we are of direct service to those students who live in our district. Since our local district has only one public high school district, the William S. Hart District, we have limited access to those students. However, if you are coming from out of district or from a private high school and meet the other eligibility requirements, you can apply to FYE. You will be notified in late June about the status of you application.