The Skills4Success Initiative
At College of the Canyons we refer to our Basic Skills Initiative as “Skills4Success”. Skills4Successare foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and English as a second language (ESL), as well as learning skills and study skills, which are necessary for students to succeed in college level work. College success skills provide the foundation for success in academic pursuits as well as Career Technical Education (CTE). College Success Skills are those skills that provide students with the foundation to complete their individual education goals.
California community colleges are unique in that the State Legislature has recognized the importance to provide college success skill instruction by funding the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI). The Basic Skills Initiative is a multi-year effort to improve curriculum, instruction, student service, assessment, program practices, and campus culture in the areas of ESL and college success skills across the state.
Student Success – The Purpose of Skills4Success
The goal of the Skills4Success committee at College of the Canyons is to increase student success rates among academically under-prepared community college students. The Skills4Success program is the first step on the track to academic achievements at College of the Canyons, preparation for career technical education, success in the workforce, and transfer to four-year institutions. The Skills4Success Initiative addresses the ever-increasing population of students who need assistance in student success skills to succeed in college and in the workplace.
Economy/Workforce Impact
With the demand rising for an educated workforce in California, Skills4Success education provides the opportunities to dramatically increase workforce preparedness and availability. In a time when the state’s economic engine is in desperate need for an educated and well prepared workforce, it is vital to focus on college success skills that lead to success in career technical education and success in the workplace.