What Resources do I Have Available to Help Me in My Education?

The College offers many resources to support your learning. Some resources are more obvious, like the library or the computer lab, but it's helpful to think of resources in a wider sense: counselors, librarians, and professors are resources too, right? Also think of DSPS, a resource for students with dissabilities, a place where you can go talk to someone if you suspect you have a disability and would like to be evaluated. Financial Aid could also be a resource if making ends meet is getting in the way of your academic progress.
There are many resources around the college --even your classmates can be a resource for notes, support, study groups... The key thing to remember is to ask around. You may not have thought of a resource that's available to you, but if you ask other students, counselor, librarians, or professors, you may just find the help and support you need.
Here are some college resources for you to explore: