Academic Program Review Committee


The purpose of the Program Review Committee (an Academic Senate subcommittee) is to provide training, advisement and assistance to College of the Canyons faculty and staff to facilitate and improve the program review process. The committee will provide leadership and guidance by reviewing comprehensive program reviews, annual plans, outcomes and assessment cycles, and evaluating the program review planning process.​ 

The Academic Program Review Committee meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month and is combined with the Committee for Assessing Student Learning. 

Faculty Chair: Jason Burgdorfer
Faculty Appointments:
Nicole Faudree, Business 
Howard Fisher, PE
Erin Delaney, Humanities
Diane Solomon, Counseling 
Miriam Golbert, MSHP
Simon Kern, SBS
Jeff Baker, FAPA
Necia Gelker, At large
Rebecca Eikey, Academic Senate President
Rhonda Hyatt, At Large
Kelly Burke, CASL Chair
Cindy Stephens, CASL Chair
Applied Tech, VACANT
Adjunct, VACANT