Faculty Professional Development Committee

This committee is charged with adhering to the California code of Regulations, Section 55724, including providing a complete description of the FLEX calendar and configuration, developing institutional criteria for FLEX credit and developing the content and schedule for instructional improvement days.


The committee meets monthly the last week of the month during the following months, September, November, February, April and May. The committee meets bimonthly in October and March.

Faculty committee chair: Teresa Ciardi, Earth, Space and Environmental Science

Faculty appointments: Phil Gussin, SSB Rep, K.C. Manji, VAPA Rep, Sandy Carroll, MSHP Rep, Lee Hilliard, AT Rep, Alexa Dimakos, Humanities Rep, Brandon Hilst, MSHP Rep, Diane Sionko, Business Rep, Chris Cota, K&PE Rep, Cindy Stephens, SBS, Heidi Williams, Adjunct, Mike Harutunian, Humanities, Susan Ling, Counseling Rep, Galeen Rose, Learning Resources Rep, Gregory Shrout, Adjunct, Sarah Burns, Adjunct

Faculty Professional Development Committee Procedures.pdfFaculty Professional Development Committee Procedures.pdf