Policy Review Committee of the Academic Senate
The Policy Review Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate.  The Committee serves largely in an advisory and developmental capacity.  To that end, the Committee shall work with members of the faculty, administration as well as all campus groups in order to address campus policy and procedural concerns in an inclusive and collegial manner.  The Committee is not intended to maintain full representative membership.  The Committee is a creation of the Academic Senate.  As such, all resulting work product must receive approval of the representative Academic Senate. Policies are then submitted as recommendations to the Campus Policy Council, one of the Collegial Consultation Committees, which ultimately submit the policy as a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

The Policy Review Committee meets once a week on Thursdays.  Meeting dates and times are subject to change based on members’ availability and schedules​.

Committee Faculty Chair: David Andrus, Political Science
Faculty Appointments: Wendy Brill, Rebecca Shepherd, Michael McCaffery, Gary Collis, and Lisa Hooper