2015/16 F01
Resolution on Support of the Recommendations of the Chancellor’s Accreditation Taskforce, Approved November 5, 2015
Senate letter and Resolution to Support Taskforce on Accreditation Recommendations.pdf

Resolution on Faculty Emeritus Program

2015/16 F02Resolution on Course Management System Training, Approved December 2015

2015/16 F02
Resolution on Course Management System Training, Approved December 2015
Resolution on CMS Input Final 2015.pdf

2015/16 S01
Resolution on Open Educational Resources, Approved May 19, 2016
2015/16 S02

Resolution on Nepotism, Approved May 26, 2016
Resolution on NEPOTISM.pdf

2015/16 S03

Resolution on Short Term Hiring Procedures, Approved​ May 26, 2016


2016/17 F01


Resolution on Civic Center Use, Approved​ November 10, 2016
Resolution on Civic Center Use.pdf

2016/17 F02


Resolution on Evaluation of Administrators, Approved​ November 10, 2016​

Resolution on Evaluation of Administrators.pdf

2016/17 F03


Resolution on Faculty Emeritus Program, Approved​ November 10, 2016​​
Resolution on Faculty Emeriti Program.pdf


2016/17 S01

​​​​Resolution in Support of Students in Uncertain Political Times_17.pdf

Dreamers Resolution 2017

Resolution in Support of Dreamers