Reentry Program
  • I would like to say overall I have had a good experience with my mentor and the Adult Reentry program.  I am interested in OBTAINING A NEW MENTOR NEXT SEMESTER. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I will be back in the FALL and I'm not giving up on ME. Thanks, Cassandra S.
  • My name is Irene and I am a participant in the Adult-reentry program. 
    For starters I want to say that it is extremely overwhelming to return to school after being away for 12 years. It’s very hard coming to terms with the fact that you will be competing with fresh, young minds that have a full understanding about the college system and what it has to offer. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in the adult reentry program because the coordinators and participants made me feel a part of COC. Immediately there was assistance, reassurance and support in accordance with my academic goals. If there is anything I got out of this program, it’s that school should not be looked at as a challenge but rather an opportunity. The adult re-entry program helped me realize that with a little guidance and encouragement, your goal can be achieved no matter what life can throw at you. Lastly, I could not be more thankful to you for helping guide me and assist in my registration process. I simply would not have gotten this far without your help. My sincerest thanks go out to you and the adult re-entry team!
    P.S. I am currently taking Microbiology and Psychology and I think I might be able to get A's in both courses.
Information/Orientation Sessions
  • The Adult Reentry Program – Information/Orientation Session was absolutely the #1 reason I decided to return to COC to pursue a degree program. Without that workshop I wouldn’t have made the decision to return to COC as a part time student. After hearing the presentation by Carolyn and Connie, I signed up for the COUNS-100 class the very next day. It was refreshing to hear that COC was dedicated to providing alternatives for adult students, and that this program was built to help people like me.
  • It was very inspiring actually. I especially liked the “Fear in the Hat.” That is really what inspired me to take the leap into school again.
  • The information session helped me make the decision to join the COUNS 100 class. Without this session, I wouldn’t have come back.
  • It gave me the confidence to enroll.
  • It was very informative, provided detailed information relative to reentry and services available. As a fairly new reentry students, I came away feeling confident.
  • Amazing. This session not only transformed me in school, but in life.
COUNS 100 Class
Counseling 100 student Spring 2014
  • “Wow, where can I start with my gratitude to Mrs. Perez, and my children. First, these are the first six months of my new me. As some of you guys know this term has been so very hard for me that I thought I was going to drop all my classes, but Mrs. Perez gave me strength in her e-mails.
  • My children are the cheerleaders of my life. My daughter says “you see mommy you are a smart lady". They believe in me and I'm learning to believe that I was born to be happy and accomplish something I always desired. When I went to see if I would return to school after more than 20 years, the first board I read was about the reentry adult counseling they have at COC. I went in the office and I got all my questions answered.
  • This class is the one that has taught me to be motivated. For me that is the ingredient for my life, the motivation levels in my heart. To the one that broke my heart into many pieces, this is what you never wanted me to achieve but now that you are out of the picture I will be who I was meant to be. The strategies that has the class has taught me are so refreshing that I will always use them.
To the future students of this class, this is where you should begin. Getting advise since the very start of your education in school will guide you to have good grades and many ways to get help. I recommend this class to anyone.”
O.K. enough for now. More than you asked for I know.
Anthony Says
I would like to share my experience this year in the COUNS-100 Adult Reentry program, instructed by Carolyn Powell.
  • Mary Ann Says…
    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how grateful I am for the adult reentry class I took last semester. This past semester I carried 10 units of prerequisites and did fabulous. I received all A's. Your class prepared me ever so well to do the job right. I would not have been as prepared and confident had I not taken your class. THANK YOU! I have a few more prerequisites to take and then will apply to a full time program.
  • We had a very small class, which was great. It allowed up to have an open forum class room style that encouraged everyone to participate. We had the privilege of hearing from everyone, which gave us insight that we wouldn’t get in the normal class room setting. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with our fellow students, do some networking, and build new relationships.
  • I’ve been out of school for over 20 years, so this class work was invaluable to me. It helped me get into the mindset of a being a student again. The tools and methods described in the class helped me reestablish functional study habits that I will utilize during my time at COC. Carolyn encouraged us to attend the workshops that would assist in facing our fears and regain their self confidence. This class and the workshops provided me with the knowledge for success at COC.
  • Carolyn was fantastic. It was a pleasure being in her class. She offers a wealth of information on the psychology of learning styles, and what it takes to be a successful student. Carolyn provided insight into the requirements and opportunities that await us as we move through our individual programs. I appreciate her honesty, integrity, and her guidance.
Class Members Say
  • Thanks for putting this class together. I honestly don’t know if I would’ve actually gone through with returning to school if you hadn’t.
  • It was a non-threatening course and was smooth enough to transition adults back to school. Overall-I enjoyed it.
  • I think all Reentry Students should be exposed to this information.
  • I have recommended this class to my friends considering returning to school. This class helps to ease the reentry into the process of going to school.
  • The class is a refresher for everyone who wants to be a better student.
  • I would recommend this class; it will be most helpful for students who have not been in school in the last 5-10 years.
  • The class was an excellent motivator to succeed and gain informative information.
  • I will never be able to put into words how this class and the teacher have affected my life. I have spoken to many people in the SCV community that are thinking about coming back to school because they have heard about this class.
  • This should be a requirement before transferring.
Carolyn Powell, Professor, COUNS 100 Class
  • I felt like Carolyn really made us all feel welcome; she is respected by the whole class.
  • Carolyn is great! I loved her style, candor and attitude. It was a pleasure to work with her on my educational plan. She really made the class enjoyable.
  • Carolyn is very passionate about inspiring her students to succeed. Her handouts, videos and lectures all helped to enhance the class.
Journaling in Class
  • I loved journaling – it’s good for the soul.
  • Journaling made me think, put down goals on paper and do them. It made everything more meaningful.
  • Great way to learn by doing and recording notes for future reflection.
Guest Speakers

Beverly Kemmerling, Director Health Center
  • Loved Her! So funny-honest and welcoming.
  • She’s a Hoot! Great information about the health center; I didn’t know it existed.
Debbie Sall, Reentry Student
  • Some of the best tips I’ve gotten all semester! Great job! Inspiring.
  • Excellent Study Habits

Financial Aid Workshop
  • GREAT information and he was funny! I actually enjoyed it.
  • Excellent workshop! I found out that as an adult reentry student, I’m eligible for many types of financial aid I didn’t know existed.
  • Exceptional and upbeat workshop. Very informative.
  • Tom was amazing. It was at the beginning of the semester and was something that could have been really boring, but he made it interesting.
Building Math Confidence
  • My biggest fear coming back to school is math. Christy helped ease my fears. I also understand now that the majority of people have trouble with math…I’m not alone.
  • I’m glad I attended; I had great fear in being able to take a math class, now I’m armed with a can-do attitude.
Career Exploration
  • Thought provoking.
Harnessing the Power of Your Brain
  • Dr. Edel was fantastic! I loved her presentation. We also covered a lot of these topics in COUNS 100 class. It helped me understand deficiencies in my learning style.
  • I learned something new.