College of the Canyons does not typically give our assessment tests at a distance. If taking the assessment test will not be possible for you due to special circumstances (e.g. you are an international student, or stationed at a military base), read on. 

1. Transferring Scores: College of the Canyons currently uses the Accuplacer Math and English and/or ESL tests. You may submit 'Raw' assessment ACCUPLACER scores from another US college. So, if you have a more local community college that uses the same tests as us, and they are willing to give you their test, please have them fax us your scores (661-362-3470) and we will be happy to review them. Please see the transferring scores page for more detailed information:

2. If you need to set-up a special testing session, please fill-out the correct form by clicking the button that best describes your situation. You will be contacted with further instructions.

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