Standard Met (Level 3), Conditional   

You have arrived at this page because you indicated that you received a result of 'Standard Met.' This result does not directly make you eligible for English 101 or 101H, but you may be allowed to enroll in these courses if you meet other requirements. Specifically, you must prove both your placement result on the EAP AND that you passed a required (see acceptable list below) English course in your senior year of high school with a grade of C or better ( C- or lower is not accepted) in each semester.  

NOTE: Because your final high school grades may not be available until July or later, you may wish to simply take the COC English Assessment test while you wait. In doing so, you can complete your Assessment step in advance of other students, and may receive​ a better registration time. If you do not place into English 101 on your COC Assessment, you can continue the EAP-Conditional/Standard Met process and get 'bumped-up' into 101 (if eligible)  when your grades become available.


1. Bring in a copy of your final high school transcripts and CAASPP result to Admissions and Records. 

 You must have a “C” or higher in both semesters of:

  An Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC)

​                             OR  

  An International Baccalaureate (IB) English


  An Advanced Placement Class—Language and Composition or Literature and Composition


 An English course approved for extra honors weight on the University of California "a-g" Doorways course list

If you are not sure if you took one of these courses, review your high school transcripts and/or speak with your high school counselor before you submit an EAP waiver request. 


2​. You understand that this waiver does not exempt you from the math assessment and will likely need to take the math assessment test at COC. 

3. You understand that a successful exemption request will make you eligible to enroll in English 101 or 101H, HOWEVER, EAP results will expire 2 years from the date of your test

Sample CAASPP result page and Transcript:


EAP Conditional. Smaple.png