Transferring Placement Scores?



1. If you are attempting to transfer-in scores from an outside college: 

As of Dec 12th, 2018, we no longer accept outside placement test results. This is due to the fact that we no longer use a placement test (the assessment we use is based on students' academic history rather than solving math and english problems). If you completed math or English courses at another college, you may still be able to use these courses for placement purposes (contact our counseling office to learn if the courses you previously took are equivalent to ours and are transferable). For those who did not complete coursework that is transferable in math and/or English, you'll need to take the COC assessment - visit the how to prepare page for more information.  

2. If you are transferring out scores:  As of Dec 12th, 2018, we no longer use an assessment test at College of the Canyons, as will be the case at most California Community Colleges by Fall, 2019. Therefore, we will have limited access to our old Accuplacer testing system. If you placed prior to Jan 1st 2019, and need your results, contact and we will review if your results are retrievable, and provide further instruction.   

If you placed starting on or after Jan 2nd 2019, you cannot transfer out placement results, as we have a unique placement process used only at our college.



---------------------USE THIS FORM ONLY IF INSTRUCTED BY A COC ASSESSMENT STAFF MEMBER---------------------------------------------

Score Release - (VALID PHOTO ID REQUIRED)This form is used to release your scores from College of the Canyons Accuplacer scores to another institution (Transfer Out).