Transferring Placement Scores


Below are forms that are used to transfer scores to and from College of the Canyons. Please use the appropriate form to transfer your Accuplacer placement scores. Please note: 

1. If You are transferring in scores - we only accept Accuplacer raw scores from another program (must show points given per section). If your prior college did not use Accupalcer, we will not accept the scores (please call your originating school's assessment center and ask them what type of test you were given if you are unsure). All scores must have been granted in the last two year to still be valid.

2. If you are transferring out scores- we only transfer out scores to other colleges if the student has taken at least 3 units and the scores are still valid (typically taken within the past two years). 

 Fill out the correct form below and email it to or fax  to 661-362-3470. 


Raw Score Transfer.pdfRaw Score Transfer - This form is used to transfer Accuplacer scores from another college to College of the Canyons (Transfer In).

Score Release - (VALID PHOTO ID REQUIRED)This form is used to release your scores from College of the Canyons Accuplacer scores to another institution (Transfer Out).