If you have taken an English and/or math course at another California college or university:

·    Bring your official transcript(s) to the College of the Canyons Admissions & Records (A&R) office. Note that mailing is possible, but can delay your evaluation by several weeks. Best to bring in the official transcript)

·    An A&R staff member will check your transcript(s) to see if the courses that you took elsewhere satisfy the English and Math course requirements here. Bring your transcripts in even if you did not pass or withdrew from the course; you may be eligible to continue the sequence here at COC.

·   If the courses are equivalent, the A&R staff member will make you eligible for the next course in the sequence (or eligible to repeat an equivalent course in the case of withdrawals or substandard grades) by entering it into your student file.

·   Once you have been made eligible, attend a New Student Advisement session.

·   If you are missing either English or math, you must take the assessment for the area that is not complete.