Assessment is a critical component of your academic success. It provides the means to measure your current abilities in English or ESL, reading, and math so that you select classes appropriate for your skill level.

All students must have entries posted in our system that show that English/ESL and math assessment requirements have been completed. Most new students will complete their requirements by testing at COC. However, you may have credit that will allow you to skip one or both tests.

You may not need to take the assessment tests if you have previous course or test credit. Click on any of the following that might apply to you.

·   If you have taken an English and/or math course at another California public college or university.

·   If you have taken an English and/or math course at a California private college or any private or public out-of-state college.

·   If you have completed an Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus exam and/or English Literature or Language exam.

·   If you took the Early Assessment Program (EAP / CAASSP / Smarter Balanced) in the 11th grade of high school.

·   If you have completed a CLEP exam in Math and/or English.​

-   If you will still be in high school when you take classes at COC  -  please call Admissions and Records for current testing policies and requirements: 661-362-3281

Remember, you will not be allowed to complete the next step, the online New Student Advisement, unless our system has a record of your COC placement or has given you credit for completing the assessment requirements some other way.