Jon Amador - Jon is a Professor of Audio and Radio Media in the Media Entertainment Arts Department, with B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Music and Sound Design from California Institute of the Arts.  Jon has taught at College of the Canyons for over ten years, and is a graduate of the Associate Program.  He has been active in developing career technical education for students who seek entry into the media and entertainment industries, hand has also been involved in the professional development of faculty who seek to infuse technology in their teaching practices.  Recently, Jon has begun an initiative to bring interactive audio and video to the college via podcasting technology, where he brings his influences in the study of media and technology to the broader college community.
Kelly Burke - Kelly has been teaching at COC in the Biology Department since 2002, first as an adjunct, and full-time since 2005.  She has also taught in the Education Department and is the Lead Faculty for Microbiology.  As an adjunct Kelly participated in many Institute of Teaching and Learning (ITL) workshops and subsequently began teaching Biology 100 as a hybrid online class.  She is currently on the ITL Steering Committee and has taught or co-taught Introduction to and Intermediate Online Teaching and Learning several times.  Kelly is interested in making science relevant, increasing active learning strategies in the lecture portion of science classes, and improving the use of technology online and on-ground.  She is also interested in outreach, concentrating on opportunities to encourage young women to pursue education and careers in STEM fields. 
Ron Dreiling - Ron has been teaching community college English courses since 1991.  His long-standing interest in utilizing educational technology evolved out of his desire to improve the student learning environment, whether that environment is an online or on-ground  classroom.  Among the variety of professional development activities that Ron has pursued over the years, he has benefited the most from team-teaching many different courses with faculty from many different departments.  Ron became the coordinator of the Institute of Teaching and Leaning in 2009.
James Glapa-Grossklag - James is the Dean of Educational Technology, Learning Resources and Distance Learning.  He is serving and previously served as CCCOER's finance chair.  He supervises: distance learning, educational travel, the library, the tutor center, interdisciplinary field studies and the PACE and PAL programs.  James servers as President of the advisory board for the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources.  He co-directs a US Department of Education FIPSE grant that supports the creation of open content "playlists" for community college students.  He also serves as Project Director for the California-wide Distance Education Captioning and Transcription Grant, designed to support California Community Colleges in the efforts to make distance learning universally accessible.  He also delivers training for faculty who wish to teach online.  His previous academic home was the History Department where he taught both on-campus and online.
Karyl Kicenski - Karyl teaches in the Communication Studies program here at College of the Canyons hand has been at the college since 1995.  She earned bother her B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies and completed her Ph.D. in Cultural Studies at George Mason University outside of t Washington D.C.  Her teaching and research interests center on the rhetorical strategies of mass media and popular culture as well as the lings between race, class and gender political-economic structures in the U.S.
Victoria Leonard - Victoria first joined College of the Canyons in 1989 as a part-time faculty member in Communication Studies, and participated as an adjunct in the Associate Program in 1991.  She spent many years as a "freeway flyer" spending time at CSU, Northridge and several community colleges, teaching Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Communication and Gender, Communication and Leadership, and Communication Theory, to name only a few.  Victoria was hired as a full-time professor at COC in 1995.  She has served as chair of the Communication Studies Department for over ten years and became the coordinator of the Associate Program in 2009.  Victoria's special area of research includes development of the course syllabus.
​Denee Pescamara - Denee has taught English full-time at College of the Canyons since 2002.  Denee also currently serves as the faculty coordinator for the college's Basic Skills Initiative program, Skills4Success.  In addition to her M.A. and Ph.D. coursework in English and literature, Denee has completed several teacher training programs, most recently the
"On-Course 2"
training workshop.  Denee employs collaborative learning and team-building in her classes to help promote student success.
Rebecca Shepherd - Rebecca began teaching in the Psychology Department at College of the Canyons in 1996.  prior to coming to College of the Canyons, Rebecca taught at University of Nebraska, Creighton University, Palomar College and Mira Costa College.  One of her favorite courses to teach over the years was affectionately referred to by students at "Rat Lab."  It was a class in which students were given a rat to train using a variety of learning principles.  Teaching students how to effectively teach a rat involved innovations in teaching with a focus on student, and rat, learning.  This inters in enhancing student learning (sorry, no rats here...) by utilizing a variety of teaching methods contributed to Rebecca's joining the Associate Program Team in 1998.
Diane Stewart - Diane is Dean of Early Childhood Education, Community Education, Continuing Education, and Teaching Training Programs, holding an M.A. in Human Development with specialization in Leadership in Education.  Her over 25 years with College of the Canyons have been based in the Early Childhood Education Department and the on-campus Children's Center.  In addition she has been active in Professional Development for both Faculty and Administrators including the Associate Program and the Institute for Teaching and Learning.  In her current position as an Instructional Dean, Diane's responsibilities extend beyond fiscal management of the Children's Center and division Dean for ECE and Education Courses; she is also the coordinator for the College's Title III Federal Grant and administrator for the Teacher Preparation Pipeline Grant (TEACH).