Program Benefits

Improved Teaching
Since the program emphasizes the practice of new teaching skills followed by comments and discussion, teachers at every level of proficiency should profit from the program. Participants will find a very direct and immediate application for their learning. In some instances, changes in the classroom could be expected to occur within days or weeks of participation in the workshops.

Professional Advancement
The TSW, the ATW, the Reflection on Classroom Teaching and the granting of Associate status are concrete indicators of professional advancement. The workshops are representative of a significant broadening of one’s teaching knowledge and skills and emblematic of a devotion to professional development. College of the Canyons, and other community colleges, will hopefully be cognizant of that fact during the hiring process. Many past graduates have indicated that the Program aided them in the pursuit of a full-time teaching position.

Campus Community
For many adjuncts the Associate Program is an ideal way to meet other faculty members on campus and to learn more about the variety of programs and activities that are always a part of the educational beehive that COC has become.

Higher Pay
Upon completion of the program participants are advanced to Associate Adjunct status. Associate Adjunct instructors are paid at a 10% higher rate than other adjunct instructors.