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October 27, 2017 ​"Pathways to Space" ​Jessica Ta, Dr. Patricia Foley, Dr. Johanna Teske
May 5, 2017 ​"Astrobiology and the Search for Alien Life" ​Dr. Michael J. Malaska
October 21, 2016 ​"Fire and Ice...and Methane: Exploring Mars and Titan" Dr. Morgan Cable​​
May 13, 2016 ​"The Truth Behind 'Gravity' (the movie)" ​Astronaut Dr. Stan Love & Dr. Susan Lederer
​October 16, 2015 ​"More Than Your Eyes Can See Infrared Light" ​Dr. Luisa Rebull
​May 1, 2015 ​"Exploration" ​Matthew Wallace, JPL
​November 7, 2014 ​"Exploration"

May 2, 2014

​"The James Webb Space Telescope: The Next Giant Step in Characterizing Other Planets"

​Dr. Charles Beichman

October 11, 2013

​"Beyond the Cradle: Kepler's Search for New Worlds"

​Dr. David Ciardi

​May 3, 2013

​"Pioneering Techniques in Astronomy - Optical Interferometry"

​Dr. Gerard Van Belle

October 19, 2012

​"The NASA Kepler Mission and Recent Exoplanet Discoveries"

​Dr. Steve Howell

​May 4, 2012

​Curiosity Mars Rover

​Matthew Wallace

​October 21, 2011

​Jupiter "Attracts"

​David Michaels

​October, 15, 2010

​Finding Planet - Jupiter ​David Ciardi & Dr. Kevin Grazier

​May 21, 2010

​Star Gazing in SCV and Orientation to the Sky ​Tom Falconer & John Sepika

​October 23, 2009

​Orientation to the Night Sky and Earth's Moon ​Tom Falconer