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Welcome! What is the GIRLFRIENDS CLUB Commitment! 

If you are a woman and value the gift of girlfriends then we hope this club commitment provides valuable tips and information for you. As women we tend to put ourselves on the back burner for many reasons. Our children, husbands, housework, and jobs take precedence over ourselves and our friendships.  It’s all about being there for each other and having fun too!
What is the Girlfriends Club Commitment About?
It's about having a safe Girlfriends Night Out. It is a promise to look out for one another at all times. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this:
  • We promise to leave together at the end of the night. No one goes off alone anywhere or with anyone tonight.
  • We watch each others drinks. We do not take beverages including alcohol from someone we do not know well and trust.
  • At a bar or club we accept drinks only from the bartender or server.
  • At parties we do not accept open containers drinks from anyone.
  • We will be alert to the behavior of our girlfriends. Anyone appearing unreasonable in relation to the amount of alcohol they have consumed may be in danger.
  • We will share this information with friends and talk about ways to look out for each other when we are at parties and social events.
  • If any of our friends believe they have consumed a sedative-like substance, we shall drive them to a hospital emergency room or call 911 for an ambulance. We will try to keep a sample of the beverage for analysis.
  • If there are any disagreements we will talk about them together the next morning when we are still sober and safe.
  • We are committed to ourselves, girlfriends and our families that we will stay safe and survive.