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The Girlfriends Club is an organization dedicated to educating women about self defense and teaching them how to avoid abusive situations. In addition, the group supports friendship through fun activities, exchanging recipes, and meeting together. We are committed to helping women who have suffered from domestic violence.
Our goal is to help these women attend college and change their lives in a positive way through higher education. Please help us achieve our goal by contributing $15 or more to the "Girlfriends Club Scholarship". This scholarship will be awarded each year to a College of the Canyons female student who has been the victim of domestic violence.
Your contribution will help us reach this goal and as our thank you, you may choose to receive either our magic t-shirt or our eco-friendly water bottle (both shown in the photo). Thank you so much for your help!
Before Shirt After Shirt Water Bottle
Water Bottle
with GC Logo
Our Magic T-Shirts appear to be black and white however; they burst into color in the sun!
To receive your t-shirt or water bottles please go to this link donate $15 or more and complete the online form. Under the "Donation Information" portion of the form select "Other" and type in Girlfriends Scholarship and either T-shirt (with your size) or water bottle so we know which gift you will be picking up from our Campus Safety Office (located on the Valencia campus building X8.
You May Also Make a donation directly at the Campus Safety Office (X8)