College Success Tip #12
Healthy Lifestyles
What is a healthy lifestyle?  
Creating healthy lifestyles requires us to learn the consequences our behaviors can have on our health. When we become informed about how diet, sleep, exercise, and chemical substances affect our health, we can make educated choices.  
Why are healthy lifestyles important?
Healthy lifestyles provide a solid foundation for positive outcomes in all aspects of our lives: school, work, recreation and our relationships.  When we make healthy choices regarding diet, exercise, sleep and other behaviors, we feel better, look better and have more energy.  Students at College of the Canyons have many opportunities to access information on how to maintain or start living a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to utilize the resources available at College of the Canyons Health Center and to ask for help when needed. Counseling appointments are available through the Health Center.
Examples of healthy lifestyle choices:
  • Good nutrition and diet, choosing the right foods
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Daily exercise
  • Understand safe sexual practices
  • Eliminating unhealthy habits and abuses (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.)
Internal links for healthy lifestyles
The campus Health Office has many resources available to help you when looking into how to get a healthy lifestyle.
To schedule a counseling appointment, call (661) 362-3259 or stop by the Student Health Center in S-122.
Health Science course HLHSCI 149, Nutrition for Fitness and Balanced Living is a 2-unit, CSU transfer credit (Category E) class, offered fall & spring semesters.
External links for healthy lifestyles
For additional outside links on many topics relating to healthy lifestyles go to:
Upcoming workshops on healthy lifestyles
Cougar Mentors in the Student Development Office offer various workshops, some that address health issues. For more information call 661-362-3141 or email or go to
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