Diving into the Internet can be an overwhelming and sometimes frustrating and time-consuming experience for both new and experienced users. This Directory has been developed to help guide you to the best, most comprehensive, and useful information I've found for community college students and Student Services professional staff. I've included (hopefully) enough descriptive information so that you can efficiently hone in on the best resources to meet your particular needs without spending on inordinate amount of time searching and "surfing."
Happy Surfing!!!
Joan Jacobson
College of the Canyons
Santa Clarita California
This Directory is dedicated to John Drislane who helped demystify computers and the Internet for many of us "non-techies" at COC who could become quite intimidated at times by all of the new technology. It was John who inspired my interest in and enthusiasm for the Internet with his e-mail humor, crazy bookmarks, and great educational resources.
I have personally visited and reviewed each site and often spent considerable time interacting with sites in order to verify their value to students and/or student services professionals. However, due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet I cannot be held responsible for the quality of information linked to each of these sites. Although the sites below are generally repositories of free information, even if some are commercially sponsored, some of their links may lead to exclusively commercial sites. So be careful!
Efforts are being made to keep this directory current on a regular basis.  However, due to the volatility of the Internet, some of these resources may no longer exist or may have moved without leaving a "forwarding URL". 
Finally, the inclusion of resources and their links in this Directory do not necessarily represent any form of endorsement by College of the Canyons.
Last updated: March, 2011
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