Alternate Media

College of the Canyons is dedicated to making materials accessible for persons with disabilities. This includes providing materials in alternate media formats. Alternate Media that College of the Canyons provides includes (but is not limited to):


Braille: This refers to the type of raised print that is embossed on special paper and made into books.


E-text: This is a book available through electronic means. E-text can come in many different forms such as: Microsoft Word, Kurzweil 1000 or 3000, Acrobat Reader (.pdf), etcetera. The features of a particular e-text title depend heavily on the form it is created in.


Large Print: Large print is a book that has been created with enlarged text and/or graphics. 


MP3 CD'S: Textbooks are played on the computer, or an MP3 player.


Tactile Graphics: These are images that are represented by raised material that are felt by hand. The changes in the texture and/or material help the student differentiate and give the user a mental picture of what is being conveyed.

*Please note: Requests for alternate media materials should be requested from the Access Coordinator as soon as possible, to ensure timely delivery. Typically, between four and six weeks notice (4-6 weeks) is required to obtain alt-format materials. However, this wait time can be shorter or longer depending upon the specific items and the format being requested. The Office of Disabled Students Programs & Services will make every effort to obtain materials in a timely manner and in the specific format requested. However, consideration will be given to the most expedient manner and format available in the fulfillment of student requests. To that end, students may find themselves in possession of materials in a variety of formats depending upon availability. A receipt showing proof of purchase of the requested book must be presented to the DSP&S staff in order to receive the alternate text version of the book.
For further information on alternate media please contact the Access Coordinator, Scott McAfee, at (661) 362-3341.