​Pre-Approved Ven​​dors: 

Delayed / Asynchronous Captioning and Transcription Vendors

Captioning and/or transcription of videotapes, DVDs, and online media (QuickTime, Flash, YouTube, Podcasts, etc.)

Automatic Sync TechnologiesTeleperformance Rapidtext, Inc. ​, and VITAC

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​Automatic Sync Technologies

Automatic Sync Technologies' CaptionSync automated captioning service provides
accurately timed captions in just minutes, at a fraction of the price of traditional captioning!
For Flash, YouTube, iTunesU, Windows Media, QuickTime, Real, as well as DVDs and videotapes
AST also delivers quality transcripts produced by professional stenographers.
Link to AST's DECT page:

Contact:  Kara Stark 
877-278-7962 ext 777

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Teleperformance Rapidtext

Your One-Stop Vendor for all services under the Grant 
Video Captioning Services 
  • Videotapes
  • DVD's (including chapter stops, menus, etc.)
  • Online media - All formats
  • As little as 1-day turnaround including transcribing content

Transcription Services

  • Lectures, podcasts, etc.
  • Any audio or video recording

Teleperformance RapidText is a "YouTube Ready" Qualified Captioning Vendor

Contact:  Sharon Turner
1-800-234-0304 ext 47124


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VITAC Closed Captioning (Formerly Caption Colorado)

VITAC Corporation is the country’s largest provider of closed captioning and accessible media solutions to clients in the media and entertainment, education, corporate and government sectors..

No company has people more experienced in the development of captioning systems and techniques than VITAC.


-  Offline/pre-recorded captioning

-  Transcription/as-broadcast/continuity docs

-  On time delivery: 99.9% delivery within the hour requested.

-  Availability: 24 hours/day, 365 days/year our service experts handle your calls.

-  FCC Compliance: VITAC certifies all captions comply with FCC Caption Quality Best Practices for Accuracy, Synchronicity, Completeness and Placement.​

Contact:  James MacPherson
724-514-4090, 800-775-7838