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Helpful Guides to Creating an OER
Creating OER learning materials is generally a two part process. The first is the gathering of the materials if you are adopting, or creating the materials if you are writing. One of the advantages of going OER is you can do both. You can customize your dream curriculum to include exactly what you want. For example, you are satisfied with the existing OER material you have found through your research with the exception of one chapter; you can simply create your own. Once you have composed your masterpiece, the next step is the formatting of the resource. This involves not only labeling your resource as Creative Commons (CC) Licensing, but being sure you include proper accreditation for your sources that require you to do so. Please review the Link to Creative Commons Licensing for more details as there are several different types of OER materials and the licensing laws behind each type. However do keep in mind The OER team is here to assist you with both phases of the project and guide you through the process.
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This Step By Step "How to Create an OER" guide was based off of PCC Library's "OER - Open Educational Resources: Get started". To see the original source please visit: http://guides.pcc.edu/c.php?g=178339&p=1172025
Klaudinyi, Jen. "Portland Community College." Get Started. PCC Library, 11 Feb. 2016. Web. 03 Mar. 2016.

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