College of the Canyons Distance & Accelerated Learning Department

Distance Learning Formats: Online vs. Hybrid

Hybrid coruses combine online & face-to-face formats

·         Conducted over the Internet through Canvas or other Learning Management System (LMS).
·         Typically do not have meetings in a designated physical space*.  
·         Class instructor/student communications are conducted by email or within Canvas or other LMS.
·      Conducted online AND meet face-to-face in a classroom at scheduled times
·      Much of the coursework is done using Canvas or other Learning Management System (LMS).
·      Double-check the Schedule of Classes and your instructor's orientation letter to know when and where the class meets on campus. 
·          Conducted at regularly scheduled times and locations for face-to-face class, discussions and assessments.
·         In some cases, course work and grades may also be accessed online and/or in Canvas.


As you can see, hybrid classes combine the learning formats of online and on-campus classes. In a hybrid class, you can expect to have some on-campus meetings to attend, as well as online coursework to complete.​

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How to tell the difference between Online & Hybrid courses in the Class Schedule:


Online Class Example Image 
 What To Do After You Register for an Online or Hybrid Classs 

Once you’ve registered for an online or hybrid class, there are a few important steps to complete:
1.       Read your instructor’s orientation letter
2.       Familiarize yourself with MyCanyons (
3.       Familiarize yourself with Canvas (
4.       Obtain textbooks and other necessary materials (as detailed in your instructor’s orientation letter)
5.       On the first day of class, log in to Canvas and begin each course. If you do not log in to Canvas and view each course on the first day, it’s as if you did not attend class on the first day and you may be dropped from the course.

Did You Know?

The Learning Center (TLC) offers free online tutoring through Canvas for students enrolled in an online or hybrid course
Hybrid and online courses are offered on College of the Canyon's class shcedule as both full-semester length classes, and as short-term/ Accelerated classes.  


 *Note about online classes: 

While online classes do not have scheduled on-campus class meetings, your instructor may require that you take tests or other assessments at an approved institution such as a college or library near your home. This information should be included in the instructor's course description or orientation letter. Please contact your instructor to verify testing requirements. For information on setting up test proctoring, click here.