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Complete the above online PAL Orientation (approx. 10 min long) to receive a "PAL flag" on your student account and to be able to register for PAL classes. You will need to enter your name and student ID number at the beginning of this Orientation. Please do not choose the "Enter as Guest" option. You must complete the orientation through to the end, including the final step of logging into your MyCanyons account, in order to be flagged. You will be notified by email (please check your student email) when you are flagged.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Flagged Already?
If you completed the PAL orientation and were flagged for PAL in a previous semester, you should still be flagged for PAL unless you skipped a fall or spring semester (you chose not to take any classes at COC for a fall or spring semester). When you skip a fall or spring semester, your flag is erased and you must complete the PAL orientation again.
How long will the orientation take?
It should take about 10 minutes of your time.

Can I complete the Orientation as a Guest?

No. In order to receive your PAL flag you must enter your student credentials upon login, and then again at the conclusion of the orientation.

Will I need to complete all sections of the orientation?

Your information will not be processed if you do not complete all sections, including​ the quiz at end, followed by logging into your student account at my.canyons.edu.


What happens if I get questions wrong on the quiz in the orientation?
You must get at least 6 out of 8 questions correct in order to pass the orientation. You will have the option to retake the orientation if you do not pass the quiz.

If you have any other questions about the PAL program or this orientation, please contact the Distance Learning Office at (661) 362-3600.


Please note: This is not the New Student Orientation.