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If you would like to complete a PAL class for the first time, you will need to complete an online  PAL Orientation.
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Once you’ve completed the orientation, you will receive a "PAL flag" on your student account and that will allow you to register for PAL classes. You will also receive a notification email (please check your student email) when you are flagged. 

 Why PAL (Personalized Accelerated Learning)?
·         Students are more successful in PAL classes!
·         Complete your required Math & English classes quickly!
·         Stay with the same classmates!
·         Form study groups for multiple classes!
 About the PAL Program
·         Back-to-back, short-term classes in math and English.
·         Complete two short-term (8 week) classes in one semester instead of two full-term (16 week) classes in two semesters.
·         Morning, mid-day, and evening classes. Available in Fall and Spring semesters.
·         Must complete the online PAL orientation before you can register for PAL cohorts (linked classes).
·         PAL classes cannot be taken separately. You must take all classes in the cohort. Sorry, but there are no exceptions.
Note: If you're a Veteran, please check with Veteran's Affairs to see how PAL will affect your benefits!

Success rates in PAL are roughly 10% higher than the same course taught in the standard format! Here's what PAL Students say about their experience in the program:

 What would you tell someone who's interested in taking PAL classes?

  •   “If your interested in establishing strong friendships and finishing two semesters of math or English in one semester, take PAL!”
  •   “Take the PAL class because it’s so much easier to be in the same class with the same teacher and students.”
  •   “Go for it! You wont forget, or regret the experience.” 

How was PAL different than you thought it would be?

  • "While the material was new, it was all familiar because we had the same professor and the same classmates, so there was a sense of comfort.”
  • “It wasn’t as fast as I expected, and it was worth saving the time of taking the two classes over two semesters.”
  • “The pace of the course was more manageable than I thought, I expected it to be faster."
  •  “PAL wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be.”
What's the greatest benefit of taking PAL classes?
  • "By taking math daily, the concepts become easier."
  • "Expanded network, perspective and confidence building."
  • "Finishing my required classes faster."
  • "You have the ability to work at a faster pace and finish your classes at COC faster."
  • "PAL Math didn’t feel like math, it felt more like life skills, incorporating a bit of math."


Which Courses are in PAL?

*Please consult with a program advisor or counselor if you are unsure which PAL course to take based on your educational goals*

English Classes Offered Through PAL (Updated February 2016):

ENG 091/101

ENG 096/101

ENG 101/103

Math Classes Offered Through PAL (Updated February 2016):

MATH PAL courses available in the Liberal Arts pathway:

Math 075/140

MATH PAL courses available in the STEM pathway: 

Math 058/060

Math 060/070

Math 102/104


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 COC Math Placement Chart

 English Classes Offered through PAL (Updated April 2015):

 COC English Placement Chart


Steps to Becoming a PAL Student

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