Welcome to Personalized Accelerated Learning (PAL)

About the PAL Program
  • Back-to-back, short-term classes in math.
  • A PAL cohort consists of two 8 week classes that take place back-to-back in one 16 week semester. 
  • Morning, mid-day, and evening classes. Available in Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Students must complete the online PAL orientation before they can register for PAL cohorts (linked classes).
  • PAL classes cannot be taken separately. You must take all classes in the cohort. Sorry, but there are no exceptions.
  • Note: If you're a Veteran, please check with Veteran's Affairs to see how PAL will affect your benefits!


 Steps to Becoming a PAL Student 

1) Apply for admissions to COC. 2) Complete the PAL Orientation. 3) Register & pay for your PAL classes. 4) Attend classes! :) 

Click Here to View the Spring 2018 PAL Cohort Schedule 

Please note, before you can register for a PAL cohort, you will need to complete the online PAL Orientation. Once you’ve completed the orientation, you will receive a "PAL flag" on your student account, which will allow you to register for PAL classes. You will be notified by email (please check your student email) when you are flagged. 


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*Please consult with a program advisor or counselor if you are unsure which PAL course to take based on your educational goals.    

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