Accessibility Resources for Online Instructors
At College of the Canyons, we strive to provide quality education to all students. Under the direction of the DSPS Department, College of the Canyons provides services for students with disabilities in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  For student assistance, please contact the DSPS Department.


 The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription Grant (DECT)

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 The DECT grant provides California Community Colleges with funding for live and synchronous captioning and transcription as a means of enhancing the access of all students to distance education courses. The DECT can pay for the captioning of your online or hybrid content. Visit the DECT website for more information, and to apply.  

3C Media Solutions

CCC Online/Hybrid Instructors can upload video content to 3C Media and request FREE captioning (usually) within a few days. Follow the below steps to get your videos captioned through 3C Media: 
1)       Go to
2)       Click on “Create new account” (you’ll need to create a username, enter your email address, name, and organization, read through Terms & conditions & check “I agree to 3C Media Solutions”.)
3)       You will receive an email from 3CMedia approving your account
4)       Log in to 3C Media
5)       Click on “My Videos tab”, and create a folder for where you want your videos to be saved.
6)       Click on the folder that you just created and click “Add or upload video”
7)       Select “Upload a video to 3C Media solutions”, & click “Next”
8)       Title your video, select the license to save your video under, and add a description (example: this video provides a brief overview of the material we will be covering in week three of your online course)
9)       Check “I agree to 3C Media Solutions Terms & Conditions” box, click “Next”
10)   Click “Select file”, select your video file and “upload”
11)   Click on “My Videos”. If you don’t see your video yet, it is likely still being converted and saved. (You should see a message notifying you that video is being converted. This process should not take too long).
12)   Once your video is ready, Click on “My Videos”, then click on the folder that your video is saved in. Click on “Details & Options” (to the right of your video title).  
13)   Click “DECT Captioning Grant”. Enter requested information, & click “submit”.
14)   Content will take about 2 days (sometimes up to 1 week) to be captioned. You can then share the link to your captioned video to your online course, or use in your in-person class.

YouTube Auto Caption


YouTube auto caption is a FREE tool and is an automatic process. When uploading a video to YouTube, it will automatically add captions to your multimedia. Access and edit these captions by accessing the creator’s studio, selecting the Captions and CC button, and selecting the AUTOMATIC caption file. This tool is best used for shorter videos.
Here is an easy, step-by-step training video on how to utilize YouTube's Auto Captioning tools: Captioning with YouTube

 Accessible Electronic Document Resources

Following are helpful guides to help you ensure your electronic content and online course material is accessible to all students. For upcoming faculty training on Section 508 Information Technology Accessibility, please view the Professional Development calendar.
COC and Community College Accessbility Resources

Quick Tutorials on Captioning & Accessibility- for Online Instructors


How to Search for Captioned YouTube Videos 
The easiest way to search for YouTube videos that are already captioned, is to add “, cc” to the end of your search. For example, if you‘re searching for captioned beagle puppy videos, search “beagle puppy, cc” in the search bar. You'll know the video is captioned if it has a small CC icon under the video description.
·         Here’s a cheat sheet about Captioning YouTube videos
·         Here's a Tutorial on Creating Accessible Word Documents. It's surprisingly easy!

 For additional help and support, please contact the Distance Learning Office: 661-362-3724