ConferZoom is a service that is free to administrators, staff and faculty of the California Community colleges system.
ConferNow in Canvas
Confer Zoom (also called ConferNow) is available to use in Canvas under the Course Navigation.
Before you can use it, you will need to sign up for an account:
Note: If you previously signed up for a free Zoom account with your COC email address, you will need to contact ConferZoom Tech support to request that your Zoom account be converted to ConferZoom. 
Sign into Confer Zoom at:
If this is your first time using ConferZoom, the following guides may be helpful to you:
·         Members – Host Guide: Learn how to create and log into your account, start instant meetings, schedule meetings, and invite participants.
·         Participants Guide: Learn what to expect once connected to a ConferZoom room as a participant.
·         ConferZoom Guides: Access additional guides and learn about ConferZoom features.
For more information on how to use ConferZoom in Canvas, please see Guide to using ConferZoom in Canvas