Want to Write An Online Course?

Want to write online course curriculum?

The Curriculum Committee requires a department to complete a Distance Learning Addendum Supplemental (DLA) if a course will be taught in a distance-learning format (e.g., but not limited to hybrid, online, telecourse, teleconferencing, and virtual-reality based delivery). Moreover, the DLA provides the Curriculum Committee and the Dean of Distance Learning Programs and Training with the information needed to ensure that the quality of the course remains intact via the alternative delivery method.
This separate curricular review of distance learning is required by Title V. The DLA helps ensure that the District is compliant with Title V regulations and Chancellor’s Office Guidelines on distance education. If you would like to review relevant system-wide regulations and guidelines, please click here to visit the State of California's distance learning page. If you have questions about these regulations and guidelines, please contact the Dean of Distance Learning Programs and Training.
It is also important to note that a DLA cannot be submitted to the Curriculum Committee as an isolated item; to approve a DLA, the committee examines the entire course outline of record to evaluate the appropriateness of the DLA to meet the instructional needs of the course. As such, please make sure that the entire course outline is complete and current when proposing a new DLA or a modification to an existing DLA.
Finally, as with any change to your department’s curriculum, be sure to consult with your departmental colleagues and dean about current department and division priorities and goals. At the same time, if you anticipate developing DLAs for multiple courses, you might suggest that this focus be reflected in your department’s program review. Further, you should be familiar with relevant District resources, listed on the Distance Learning website.
A more detailed guide to preparing a DLA can be found in the Curriculum Committee Handbook, found at the Curriculum Committee site on the Intranet.