Learning Styles

People learn in different ways. No way is "right" or "wrong."  The links below provide a sampling of learning styles that will help you to determine the style in which you learn best.

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Some Interesting Links

Take the "Temperament Sorter II," which divides learners into Introvert/Extrovert, Intuition/Sensation; Feeling/Thinking; and Judgment/Perception.

A selection of inventories, which include Canfield's Learning Styles Inventory, Gardener's Multiple Intelligences, and links to Learning Inventories for Instructional Preferences.

LD Pride Online
Provides numerous links to information on learning styles, multiple intelligences, tips for learning, and much more.
Education Planner
Take a 20 question quiz to learn more about your learning style.
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire 
Take this questionnaire to assess your learning style created by Dr. Richard Felder of North Carolina State University.
Learning Styles and Strategies
This piece gives an insight about learning styles, types of learners and the environment in which they perform best, created by Dr. Richard Felder of North Carolina State University. 
Institute for Learning Styles Research
Learn about the 7 Perceptual Learning Styles from this research based website and take a survey to see what kind of learner you are.  
The Learning Style Inventory
This questionnaire will help you learn about the three learning styles and determine the style in which you learn best, auditory, visual, or tactile.


"Learning Styles Can Become Learning Strategies," by W. J. McKeachie; University of Michigan.

"Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection," by Neil D. Fleming; Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand.