​                                                       ​                         ​College of the Canyons offers a variety of professional development opportunities to ​​support Instructors in the development and delivery of quality online education.
These trainings are provided in coordin
ation with the:
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Workshops currently offered by the COC Online Education Department are listed below.
To request a workshop on another topic, or if you would like one-on-one Canvas training, please contact us. ​

​Canvas Assessment Tools

This workshop will provide an overview of Canvas’ assessment tools: from how to create quizzes, assignments, and rubrics, to how to use Canvas Gradebook and Misspelled WordSpeedGrader. Learn about plagiarism detection and online proctoring solutions available through Misspelled WordTurnItIn and Misspelled WordProctorio, and about various ways to provide feedback to students.  ​

Canvas Modules

Learn how to effectively organize and define content delivery with Canvas Modules. Join us as we discuss effective instructional design practices to develop engaging, interactive, and easily navigable courses in Canvas.

Canvas Open Labs

Drop by to get your Canvas questions answered and receive help with your Canvas course, grading, or canvas tools. Collaborate with colleagues and learn about new Canvas features, tips and techniques.

Canvas Tools to Increase Student Success

Learn about ways to increase student success and improve student equity in your online or hybrid course! At this workshop we will discuss effective instructional design practices to create engaging, interactive, and easily navigable courses in Canvas. We will explore Canvas accessibility and communication tools, and learn how to help students to better assess and address their online learning strengths and challenges.

Creating Video for your Canvas Courses - Easy as 1, 2, 3!

In an online course environment, videos are a crucial component to keep students immersed in the subject matter and increasing your instructor presence. In this workshop, we will look at examples of how Instructors at COC and across the state have effectively used video in their Canvas courses, and how you can get started creating and integrating videos into your course. Participants will receive a digital tool kit that includes step-by-step guides to for creating & integrating video into Canvas.

Creative Course Designs with Canva

Canva is a free online tool that allows users to choose from hundreds of professionally designed layouts or create designs from scratch. At this workshop, participants will practice creating graphics in Canva to place in Canvas to enhance an assignment or discussion forum, direct students through Modules and engage students.

Get to Know the New Canvas Gradebook

This workshop will provide an overview of the New Canvas Gradebook features and tools. We will also cover the basics of creating Quizzes, Assignments and Rubrics, how to use Speedgrader, and discuss ways to engage with students.

Humanizing your Online Course

This workshop will introduce some tools in Canvas to help your engage your students with meaningful interaction. Enhance the learning experience for students by infusing your course with personalized touches to help students feel cared for and connected to you, the course material, and their classmates.

Introducing Notebowl: An Alternative Tool for Canvas Discussions & Announcements

Improve student engagement in your online course with Notebowl, a social learning platform integrated with Canvas. This workshop will demonstrate how to enable and use this optional tool to make announcements more interactive, allow students to post questions to peers anonymously, and more! ​

Intro to Open Educational Resources (OER)

You may have heard about Open Educational Resources (OER). At this workshop, you will hear about OER courses and Zero-Textbook-Cost (ZTC) Degree pathways that are being developed at College of the Canyons, learn the basics of Open Licensing,  and how to find and develop OER for your course.

Online Conferencing with ConferZoom

This workshop will help guide you through utilizing ConferZoom, a free web conferencing tool that allows you to communicate with your class online in real-time using text, audio, screen sharing, and video. Learn how to set up your ConferZoom account, how to record, save, download, and share your meeting recordings within Canvas.

Online Proctoring with Proctorio

Learn about an online based examination proctoring tool available to you through Proctorio. Proctorio allows monitoring, control, and review of academic integrity – all directly from the Canvas Gradebook.

Quest for Success

Have you ever felt as if some of your students are unprepared for online learning? Quest for Online Success is a tool provided by OEI that instructors can use to support students in online courses. We will examine ways that you can use this tool to help students better assess and address their own learning strengths and challenges.

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