Bookmark Creation and Save to Favorites
 An important note about saving URLs obtained through your online courses:
You may be directed to a site through your course assignments.  Some course platforms (Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege, etc.) may display a generic name in the Name box as you are attempting to add the site to your list of favorites or bookmarks.  The link may be connected to the course platform in such a way as to become invalid when you are no longer a member of the class.  You will receive an error message when trying to re-visit this page in the future.  

To prevent this from happening, cut-and-paste the URL into your Web browser and connect to the site, manually.  Add the page to your Favorites or Bookmarks at this time, and it will be available to you after the course comes to an end.

Creating Bookmarks using Internet Explorer:

When you are on the site you wish to add to your bookmarks (referred to as "Favorites") click on Favorites on the Menu bar.  When the drop-down menu opens, click on "Add to Favorites."

The "Add Favorite" window will open, displaying the page as named by the page's creator.  If you want to re-name the page for easy referral, type the name in the Name box, and click "OK."

If you want to make this page available for viewing while offline, click in the "Make available offline" box before clicking on "OK."

Your "Favorites" collection will open in the left-hand column, if it was not open already.  A hyper-link of your newest addition will appear on the bottom of the list.  Placing the cursor over the hyperlink will display the URL. 

Creating Bookmarks using Netscape:
While on the site that you wish to bookmark, click on "Bookmarks." When the drop down menu opens, click on  "Add Bookmark" on older versions of Netscape and "Bookmark this page" on newer versions of Netscape. In either case, the menu will disappear. Consider the bookmark saved.  To confirm this, click on "Bookmarks" once again.  When the menu opens, your new addition should appear at the bottom of the list of bookmarks.
updated: 1-19-07