Discussion Board: Editing or Deleting a Message
Provided your instructor has "unlocked" the "Edit" and "Remove" features on the discussion thread page, you may edit or remove any message that you have posted.
  1. Open your message on the discussion board.  In the heading of your message are "Modify" and "Remove" buttons.
  2. To modify your message, click on the Modify button.  Your original message will appear.  Edit the message as you wish, and click "Submit."
  3. To remove a message, click the Remove button.  You will see a warning that states:
    • "Removing this message is FINAL
      You cannot get it back! Are you REALLY sure?
      OK  CANCEL"
  4. Click OK and your message will disappear from the discussion thread.
If others have replied to your original message, their replies do not disappear, but now will appear to be replies to the message that appeared before yours. This could cause some confusion, so do not remove an original discussion thread unless absolutely necessary.
updated: 1-19-07