Am I Eligible?

EOPS is a program designed and funded by the State of California to help college students who demonstrate both an academic and financial need.  In order to qualify for EOPS you must meet all five of the following requirements:

1.    Have low-income and qualify for a CCPG Fee Waiver "A" or "B" (formerly BOG)​ Click here for more info

2.    Be a California resident​​

3.    Be enrolled in 12 or more units

4.    Have completed fewer than 60 degree applicable units

5.    Be educationally disadvantaged.  Provide proof of one of the following:

o    Not a high school graduate or does not have a GED, graduated from high school with less than 2.50 grade point average 

o    Taken previous remedial classes    

      • Assessment scores with placement in basic English or math    
      • Current enrollment in basic English or math    
      •  Previous enrollment in basic English or math

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You may either drop the application to our office (SSC-117), complete the online application OR fax the application to (661) 362-5715.