Telephone tips
The new campus voice-mail system has many features you may not be aware of. To learn more about these new features and services, please download the reference guide linked below.


voice mail guide 2015.pdfvoice mail guide 2015.pdf
      (PDF file, 96 K)

Note: PDF files may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free cross-platform program.
To turn the microphone on or off, press FNC and 1 (it is not necessary to pick up the handset). If you want to use the speakerphone, you will need to turn the microphone on. You can leave the microphone on all the time even if you pick up the handset on most calls.
Adjust Handset Volume:
Press FNC and 2. To change, press FNC and 2 again.
Change Ringer Tone:
There are four different ringer tones. Press FNC and 3. To change, press FNC and 3 again.
Adjust Transmission/Receiving Volume:
Press FNC and 4. To change, press FNC and 4 again.
Adjust Volume While Listening to Calls:
Press the up or down keys on the unit while listening to calls.
Redial up to Last Five Calls:
Press the LNR/SPD key until you reach the number you want to dial. Then press *.
S&R (Save & Repeat):
Temporarily saves a phone number to redial at a later time. You can press this key while you are talking to your party and it wil light up to temporarily save the number. Or you can press it after dialing a number that is busy or no answer. This is good for numbers that you know you have to call back and that may not be saved under the last five numbers call.
Conference Call:
Once you have the first party on the line, press the Transfer key. When you hear the dial tone, dial your next party (either in-house or outside). Once you have the second party on the line, press the Conf key to reconnect all three parties.
To place a caller on hold, press the Flash key and wait for a dial tone, then press *1 (DO NOT HANG UP). To reconnect, press the Flash key again.
Call Pick-Up:
To pick up calls within your call pick-up group, obtain a dial tone and dial *2. If you see to have phones within your area placed in a pick-up group, let the Telecommunications Technician know.
To forward your calls to another extension or to voice mail on the first ring: Obtain a dial tone, dial *4, dial the number you want your calls to go to (3480 for voice-mail), listen for set tone, then hang up. To cancel, dial #4, listen for set tone, then hang up.
Forward Busy:
Sends your calls to another extension or voice-mail when your line is busy: Obtain a dial tone, dial *5, dial the number you want your calls to go to (3480 for voice mail), listen for set tone, then hang up. To cancel, obtain a dial tone, dial #5, listen for set tone and then hang up.
Transfer Calls:
Press the Flash key, wait for dial tone. Dial the number you want to transfer the call to, announce call or hang up. If the called party does not want the call, you will be reconnected to the original party as soon as the called party hangs up. If you receive a Ring No Answer or Busy tone, press Flash to recommend to the original party.
Conference Calling:
Dial the first number in the conference call, dial 9 if external call. Once the party is on the line, press Flash to get a new dial tone to add the next party. When you have the second party on the line, press Flash again and every one will be connected.

How to get service
By Phone
If you have a request that needs immediate attention such as temperature control, spills, etc., call (661) 362-3227 between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
HVAC Hotline
Too hot or cold? If you can't correct the temperature by adjusting the thermostat in your area, call the HVAC Hotline at
Ext. 5555. If you get voicemail, please leave a detailed message describing the problem, as well as your name, phone number, campus, building, floor and room number. We will return your call so that you know action is being taken.
Use the link below, log in using your network account and password, then click "Add a New Work Request." Fill out the information, click on "close and save," and your work order will be automatically sent to your administrator for approval, then to us once approved.
Other features allow you to track your request to completion and send notes directly to technicians.