Upcoming Deadlines
California Catalyst Fund
·         $125,000 a year for 3 years to create a sustainable assistance program for DACA students and their families
Program must be sustained and funds can’t be given to students or families.  Faculty are working on information for letter of intent.
Due Date – May 1, 2018
Chancellor’s Office – CA Apprenticeship Initiative
·         Amount to be determined for apprenticeship program
Reviewing documents
Due Date – May 18, 2018
Chancellor’s Office – Nursing Enrollment Growth
·         Amount to be determined based on number of students the nursing program will grow by
Letter of Intent submitted.  Waiting on next steps
Due Date – TBD
Chancellor’s Office – Closed Captioning
·         $1 million to continue fiscal agent responsibilities in 2018/2019
Letter of Intent submitted.  Was told we were only one interested, so waiting on next steps.
Due Date – Awaiting Instructions
National Institute of Health
·         Bridges to Baccalaureate program
Increase completion among students in biomedical, behavioral and clinical programs through research.  Programs and 4-year partners being identified.
Due Date – September 2018
For additional funding opportunities, you may want to explore the following Internet Resources:
Foundation Center

Grants Alert

For assistance in identifying potential private funders, please contact the Grants Development Office.