Grants Management

Grants and contracts are awarded to the Santa Clarita Community College District or to the College of the Canyons Foundation. They are not awarded to an individual who may be the initiator of the grant. The Santa Clarita Community College District or the Foundation accepts the programmatic and fiduciary responsibility for all grants and contracts awarded. As such, the College bears ultimate responsibility for fulfilling the objectives of the project and for complying with all fiscal, legal and contractual requirements.

Project Directors (PDs) or Principal Investigators (PIs) have a number of critical responsibilities. In general, PDs or PIs are responsible for carrying out all tasks that were specified in the proposal which, when funded, becomes a legally binding contract. These include:
  • Implementation of project activities.
  • Purchasing and maintaining equipment and supplies.
  • Supervising staff and subcontractors, as appropriate.
  • Preparing and submitting quarterly, interim, and final reports, as may be required.
  • Ensuring project evaluation and quality control.
  • Integrating or institutionalizing the project at the conclusion of funding.
However, the PD does not work alone. Ongoing assistance is provided by the Grants Development Office, Business Services, Facilities, Human Resources, and other offices as needed.

All Project Managers of grant awards will participate in a Project Manager Orientation where they will be presented with a handbook containing the necessary information to manage their grant funds in a fiscally responsible, regulatory compliant and timely manner based on the terms of the grant guidelines. Please consult with Carolyn Shaw, Grant and Categorical Accounting Manager, for questions and assistance: (661) 362-3482,