SNAC Real Beauty Campaign
Disordered eating and poor body image are prevalent on campus.  SNAC wants to end negative body talk, unhealthy dieting, and superficial, unrealistic beauty ideals that contribute to these problems.  SNAC wants to promote REAL health and REAL beauty from the inside out!
EveryBODY is Beautiful Fashion Show
What makes you beautiful from the inside out?  Is it your warmth, sense of humor, self-confidence, unique style...?  Tell us what character traits make you (and others) attractive, and get the opportunity to model in our EveryBODY is Beautiful Fashion Show on during COC's Body Mind Wellness Community Resource Fair in the Honor Grove.  Models dress in their own unique styles and have option of getting their hair/make-up done by volunteer stylists.  We want to showcase REAL college men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, and ethnicities who have REAL beauty from the inside out! 
#SNAC4RealBeauty - Take this 4 Day Real Beauty Challenge!  Share your journey on social media and nominate 4 friends to do the same!
Fat Talk Free Week Pledge
Today I promise to eliminate "fat talk" from conversations with my friends, my family, and myself.  Starting now, I will strive for a "healthy ideal" which I know looks different for every person and focuses on health, not weight or size.  I will celebrate the things about myself and the people in my life that have nothing to do with how we look.  I decide to end "fat talk" now!
Learn What is "Fat Talk" and how to change the conversation to help discourage disordered eating and body hatred.
Get involved in Operation Beautiful with post-its, and make someone smile :-)
Read this Q & A Handout which covers Common Misperceptions about Fat Talk Free Week.

Real Beauty Art/Photo Exhibit 
Previous "Real Beauty" photo submissions:

Coast of Oregon
Real beauty: "You can hear the waves crashing on the rocks. The smell of the ocean. You can feel the mist of the waterfall and the waves. You can taste the salt from the ocean. Beauty is not just what you see. You experience beauty using all of your senses."
Christy Belknap
COC Student

Gina Bogna with husband, Glenn, serving at the Three Angels Relief Orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti
Real Beauty: "Spending time at an orphanage in Haiti was life changing - our perspective on life is healthier and more balanced. It was a beautiful experience: we did not share the same language but a smile is a universal language. I believe we received far more than we gave."
Sara Anson
COC Library Media Technician

In Loving Memory of Felice Kurtzman - 8/23/55 - 11/3/07
"Real beauty is a family's incredible love, strength, and unity while its wife and mother battles cancer."

Sheri Barke MPH, RD.
Student Healthy Center

Women With Attitude
"Real beauty is an attitude rather than a physique."
Amber Johnson
COC Student

"Real beauty is captured by the respect and loyalty we have for each other."
McKenzie Hall
COC Student

"Real beauty - the beauty of nature and life."
Sandra Anaya
COC Student

"Real beauty is the innocence of youth."
Sandra Anaya
COC Student

"Real beauty is the love between a mother and a daughter."
Janet Cetrone
Biology Lab Coordinator
SNAC is sponsored by the COC Student Health & Wellness Center. For more information, contact faculty advisor Sheri Barke, MPH, RD at sheri.barke@canyons.eduor 661-362-3244.