Change of Major


An F-1 student is admitted to the United States to work towards "the attainment of a specific educational or professional objective."
The ISP office indicates the subject matter of the objective in SEVIS and on Form I-20. A student who wishes to change his or her major must comply with procedures required by the regulations to remain in status.
The regulations do not require a government adjudication to change or add majors, but if the student is in SEVIS, the SEVIS record must be updated.
If, by changing majors, a student will need more time to complete his or her program than originally estimated, the procedures for Program Extension should be followed instead.

Procedures for Changing Majors or Fields of Study

Changing majors or field of study is treated as a Program Information update in SEVIS.

What the Student Must Do

The student must:
  1. ​Follow all institutional and academic requirements for changing major or field of study.
  2. Inform the ISP office of the program change by submitting the SEVIS Student Information document.
  3. Once the new I-20 is received, sign the student certification at item 11.
  4. Use the new I-20 for all purposes such as travel, etc.