College of the Canyons
Online Instructor Certificate
Learn how to teach online! 
Earn your Online Instructor Certificate!
 These are the required training components to earn this certificate and the (approximate) training time:
1)      Canvas Training (4 hours)
2)      Section 508 Information Technology Compliance training (1 hour)
3)      Introduction to Online Instruction (IOI) course (36 hours)
Once you have completed all required training, e-mail Leslie Carr at leslie.carr@canyons.edu to request your Online Instructor Certificate.
Certificate Renewal: Instructors will refresh their Online Instructor Qualifications every three years by completing a self-paced online training (approx. two hours), which includes updates on technology, regulations, accreditation requirements, best practices, and resources.
See below for additional information:

Canvas Training
This Online, self-paced training provides an overview of Canvas, including layout and settings, how to build, organize and edit content, effective online com​munication tools, and Canvas assessment tools.
FLEX credit – 4 hours
To enroll in this course,  go to https://app2.canyons.edu/offices/css/forms/canvas/
Section 508 Information Technology Compliance
Find out how to ensure that your departmental purchasing, usage, and design of information technology is compliant under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Learn how to make web pages, electronic content, and software compliant with this state and federal law, known as Section 508.  Learn what the law requires, how accessibility guidelines affect your department, and how to make sure your use of information technology is compliant.
FLEX credit - 1 hour
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Introduction to Online Instruction (IOI)
This five-week, 100% online course (taught in Canvas) is offered free at COC through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Introduction to Online Instruction explores the application of learning theories for online learners; differences between face-to-face and online learning; resources for online teaching and learning; course management systems and online learning tools; and best practices for online learning. The class is designed so that participants will experience the components of an online course from both student and instructor perspectives.
Prerequisite: Canvas Training
FLEX credit – 36 hours*
*Full-time faculty can accrue FLEX credit up to the number of hours the class meets (2 units = 36 hours, e.g.) OR apply 2 units toward salary advancement (see COCFA contract). Adjunct faculty can receive FLEX credit as well, though not to exceed the limit per semester as outlined in the adjunct faculty contract. For more information, please contact CETL@Canyons.edu
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Alternative: Complete the equivalent fee-based training “Introduction to Online Instruction” (ITL) through @One.