Listed below are the SLO related activities that are currently allowable or not allowable as FLEX credit for adjunct and full-time faculty:
Allowable for FLEX
FLEX credit is for professional development and training and can be earned for the following activities:
 ·       Attending a training workshop presented by the SLO committee or other experts, such as chairs.
 ·       Participating in collaborative pre-assessment activities, such as norming, developing rubrics, or developing/selecting signature assignments.
 ·       Participating in collaborative sessions with specific goals related to "closing the loop," discussing results and possible changes needed to curriculum. 
 ·       Completing work that supports SLO curriculum development and program planning, if these activities are considered educational or training. 
NOT Allowable for FLEX
SLO assessment itself is not considered training. FLEX credit cannot be earned for the following activities:
·       Administering and calculating SLO Assessments (number of passed or didn’t). 
·       Assessing SLO assignments. 
·       Reporting SLO results to chairs or coordinators.
·       Doing other administrative work intended to help with department workload.
When submitting a FLEX activity for approval, one should identify the session as an SLO TRAINING with discussion of SLO results for both adjunct and full-time faculty to be compensated*.