August 31, 2018 

College Launches Zero Textbook Cost Pathway for Water Technology

College of the Canyons has launched a Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) degree for the Water Systems Technology program, utilizing Open Educational Resource (OER) materials. This degree will prepare students to become state certified water treatment, water distribution, and wastewater operators.

Funded by a ZTC grant from the state chancellor’s office, the water technology certificate program will benefit approximately 400 students this year.

“We are very excited to offer this completely Zero Textbook Cost pathway in Water Technology that provides students with the latest developments of knowledge in the field and has been personalized to match the educational rigor of the courses,” said Brian Weston, project manager of Zero Textbook Cost grant at the college.

The pathway, which was created by COC faculty, field experts, contractors, and the South Central Coast Regional Consortium, will provide water technology programs across the state with a free alternative to commercial resources.

“Our water technology faculty were motivated to create the OER materials due to the lack of currency, expensive cost, and available choice found in commercial texts,” said Regina Blasberg, chair of the engineering technologies department at the college.

In 2009, two COC faculty members authored a textbook, and after successful feedback from students, developed a second textbook for the college’s Advanced Water Mathematics course in 2011.
Consisting of eight-member colleges, the South Central Coast Regional Consortium works to create a highly skilled workforce by supporting workforce development efforts across the state.

For more information about the college’s water technology program, please visit the department’s homepage.